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TypedRest helps you build type-safe, fluent-style REST API clients. Common REST patterns such as collections are represented as classes, allowing you to write more idiomatic code.

const client = new MyClient(new URL("http://example.com/"));

// GET /contacts
const contactList: Contact[] = await client.contacts.readAll();

// POST /contacts -> Location: /contacts/1337
const smith: ContactEndpoint = await client.contacts.create({name: "Smith"});
//const smith: ContactEndpoint = client.contacts.get("1337");

// GET /contacts/1337
const contact: Contact = await smith.read();

// PUT /contacts/1337/note
await smith.note.set({content: "some note"});

// GET /contacts/1337/note
const note: Note = await smith.note.read();

// DELETE /contacts/1337
await smith.delete();

Read a more detailed Introduction to TypedRest or jump right in with the Getting started guide.

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